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If you are new to the IBM mainframe and z/OS, I highly recommend checking out the CBT Tape web site.

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Happy 60th birthday System 360!

My first mainframe was a S/370 model 168 with Intel memory. It was the early 1980s. We had no security system (used password dataset), no scheduing package (used Mellon bank Before/After cards), no tape management system and 3350s. It was a small to medium shop.

Later in the 1980's we installed RACF, UCC-1, a 3081 processor, and 3380s.

I don't know if it was the actual password dataset or a text file with saved passwords but I remember this entry for the master catalog:

KARMA - The ethical consequences of one's transmigration through apparent reality.


Happy New Year!

  • Tweaked various pages including the main page, Dave FAQ and Site FAQ.

  • I moved these links to the Hopelessly Outdated pages: I should move more there.

  • 2019-01-14

    Happy New Year!

  • Corrected the IPCS web page which I somehow overlaid with the MVSintosh page during my 2018-11-11 update. Thanks to Jim Ruddy who sent me an email about it.

  • Thanks to the post in a thread on Reddit /r/mainframe, I saw this Walmart contributed github page: z/OS-based File Access Manager.

  • 2018-11-11

    eheu fugaces labuntur anni - I've made a few tweaks here and there since 2013 but nothing big.

    • The default font size was increased from 11px to 16px to make Planet MVS a bit easier to read. We are all getting older! These are only for those web pages using CSS as ideally they should be. This website was started in the dark ages before CSS.

    • Updated the MVSintosh page.

    • I used Favic-O-Matic to create new favicons for Planet MVS. This is a recent picture of my old CRT iMac running a 3270 emulation program:



    • The MVSintosh page was updated:
      • Existing FTP section includes a link to Filezilla (actually also for Linux and Windows)
      • New Terminal (Mac Shell) section
      • New iPad Section - even though it's a Mac page
    • Updated the IPCS FAQ page with a new question on how to run IPCS in batch. Also updated my IPCS WishList page. I ought to see if my company can submit some of these to IBM via SHARE.
    • Removed the version number for Spflite off the SPF Editor page to cut down on the emails about the new version.
    • Removed the outdated links to TN3270 products on the TN3270 page. You'll have to Google that.

    ISPF Tips:
  • HX - ISPF editor line command displays hex in a vertical format
    EDIT       IBMUSER.DAVE.TXT(XYZ) - 01.99                           Columns 00001 00080
    Command ===>                                                          Scroll ===> HALF
    ****** ********************************* Top of Data **********************************
    000001 Everything you wanted to know about Hex but were afraid to ask                  
    Here is an IBM page with more information.

  • HIDE X - ISPF editor primary command. Slick, very slick.

  • SWAPBAR - ISPF primary command. As someone that uses a lot of screens (to the point of getting the dreaded "no more screens" error daily), cudos to IBM for the SWAPBAR command. I need to customize ISPF for more than 8 screens!. I wish the SWAPBAR was in screen number order all the time. On some 3270 emulators, you have to tell them to allow you to click on the SWAPBAR label to jump to that screen.

  • 2010-01-17

    Saw this Top 10 programming fonts. His number one font works great with 3270 terminal emulators.

    2009-06-18 - 2009-06-21

    Finally making my first 2009 updates:

    • My ISP lost my emails so if you sent anything to me this year before 2009-04-22 I can't view them. If you sent me anything after that date I have it.
    • Add new IPCS pages - This will NOT teach you how to shoot dumps. They will only help you if you already know how to use IPCS.
    • Updated Flowerbox page with a contribution that was sent to me via email.
    • Added the Bob Rodgers quote to this page which came from a Cole Software email
    • Changed SPF Editor Page for:

    Ask your doctor if Planet MVS is right for you.

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