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You sift through the detritus, you read the terrain, you search for signs of passing, for the scent of your prey, and then you hunt them down. That's the only thing you're committed to. The rest is the mess you leave as you pass through.
--From the movie Heat
The intent of these pages is not to teach you how to shoot a dump. For that IBM (and others) have some nice Education courses available.

These pages started out as my text file of IPCS notes which were formatted for the web as FAQ and Tips and expanded with example output. I hope you find it useful.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Tips When I didn't want to phrase it as a question, I made it a tip... ;-)
Verbexit Writing IPCS verbexits in assembler
Wish List A wish list for IPCS enhancements
These pages are dedicated to the memory of Robert Wright the author of IPCS. Bob was always helpful posting on the IBM-Main newsgroup and helped me with IPCS VERBEXIT assembler coding problems via email.

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The IPCS word picture was created using Wordie which was created using this text. Thanks, Jonathan!

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