Freeware: Assembler - DASRC (DA.SOURCE)

DASRC is a collection of various assembler programs I've written over the years. They are grouped together because they use common assembler macros.
  • DA$ADATA - Utility: HLASM ADATA processor
  • DA$ASMHA - Utility: Assembler H output "screen scraper"
  • DA$BRODC - Utility: SYS1.BRODCAST reporting
  • DA$DISKR - Utility: DASD Reporter
  • DA$ENQS - TSO command: WHOHAS a dataset
  • DA$EREP - ISPF application: EREP (LOGREC) software record display
  • DA$PDSR - Utility: PDS Reporter
  • DA$IDC - Utility: IDCAMS enhancer
  • DA$SPF2D - Utility: Convert ISPF screen to 3270 datastream
  • DA$WDATE - ISPF application: Date conversions (while U wait)
  • DA$W4TCP - Utility: wait for an IBM TCP/IP stack to start
Download information
File Name:
File Format: PKZIP file containing a TSO XMIT file
Size: 617,791
Last Updated: 2001-09-23
Version: n/a
Type: Assembler
Requirements: HLASM or higher
The file above has the source of these utilities. If you want to take quick spin with these utilities, you can download which has sample jobstreams and executable (load library).
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