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DA$WDATE (alias WHATDATE) is an ISPF application that does date conversions between Julian (IBM mainframe) and Gregorian formats. See the screen shot below.

An additional function is showing the given year in monthly calendars. There is also an option to print a unique (weird) calendar with the Sideways format.

This ISPF application invokes a date routine I wrote called DA$DATE. It is used by some of the other DASRC assembler programs.

If you want some more information on dates and calendars, check out Today's Calendar and Clock Page which has calendar links galore!
Download information
This program is part of a collection of assembler programs that can be downloaded from the DASRC web page.

Known Bugs

  • Doesn't blank out the command line (ZCMD) after executing a primary command like YEAR or SHOWALL
  • Any others? Please let me know!

Enhancements Queue

  • Print the current time.
  • Rewrite to use the rich LE/370 date routines
  • The SHOWALL primary command should put the output on an ISPF screen, this being an ISPF application...

Screen shot of the main panel:

Screen shoot of the WhatDate ISPF application's main screen
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