User Experiences

"When you're Hot, you're Hot.
When you're Not, you're Not."
--Jerry Reed (C/W singer)

If you are German-impaired, Schadenfreude means "pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others".
Okay, you don't really have to get pleasure from it. Here is my collection of experiences upgrading or migrating systems software on OS/390: Why do you ask, Two dogs? [1]
When I go to the SHARE conference, I usually get the most benefit from User Experiences sessions. This is what really happened in the real world, in a real shop. My goal is to share what problems I have in the vain hope that others might benefit and people might advise me about problems for me to avoid. Each page here is done while the project is in progress so the Internet might actually help my company and not just be a source of jokes and pictures via email. Psst, got any funny jokes or pictures?

I don't know if I'll keep doing these pages, they consume my personal time (these aren't done for my real job).
[1] The "Two Dogs" phrase is from the punch line of an off color joke - an "in" joke amongst a few of us. We leave off the dirty word but it always gets a laugh.

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