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Here are my experiences converting to GMT time. Please remember that problems I report here could most likely be from mistakes I made and not from product flaws.


The company I work for is merging with another company and our LPARs are moving a thousand miles (as the eagle flies) to the east. They run in a SYSPLEX environment so our conversion to GMT will get us ready for that.


2000-02-21 I wanted to check out what user applications saw for the time, so I created a jobstream gettime.txt which compiles and executes user-type programs using Assembler, COBOL, PL/I, etc. Check out the gettime job output. As expected, all High Level Languages got the expected time and Assembler only got the GMT time using STCK. I nicked one of JES2's routines to convert the GMT to local time.
2000-02-24 A guy pointed out that a Red Book would help: S/390 Time Management and IBM 9037 Sysplex Timer, SG24-2070-00.
2000-04-02 We went production on GMT time on the weekend of the Day Light Savings time change.

No problems found. Our 'SYS1.PARMLIB(CLOCKxx)' member was changed to have "TIMEZONE W.00.00.00" changed to "TIMEZONE W.06.00.00". We set the HMC time to Dallas Tx (US CST) time + 6 hours.


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