OS/390 R8 Upgrade

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no
match for a good blaster at your side, kid.
--Hans Solo from Star Wars (ANH)

Here are my experiences upgrading to OS/390 R8. Please remember that problems I report here could most likely be from mistakes I made and not from product flaws.


Here's an adaptation of a quote for the R8 project:
My OS/390 R8 upgrade is like a game of chess, all of the mistakes are there waiting to be made.


2000-02-18 Placed order for R8
2000-02-22 Started surveying ISVs for compatiblity with OS/390 R8
Attended the SHARE conference in Anahiem California.
  • R8 User sessions:
    • 2815 - OS/390 R8 User Experience
      given by Greg Thompson of US West
    • 2873 - OS/390 Release 8 Experience
      given by Dan Phipps of Policy Management Systems Corporation
  • Performed the pre-installation steps (I had a laptop with me at the conference).
  • OS/390 R8 arrived while I was away (of course).
  • Email trivia for the week:
    • Home ISP: 40+ emails
    • Work Internet: 100+ emails
    • Work Intranet: 30+ emails
2000-03-11 Unpacked boxes, loaded the installation dialog and started reading the various installation manuals.
2000-03-14 Installed maintenance needed on my OS/390 R6 driving system as recommended in the Planning for Installation R8 manual.
2000-03-17 Started executing the installation dialogs.
2000-03-18 IPL'd "vanilla" system
2000-03-23 IPL'd with installation parms and products (like ACF2)

Our OS/390 R8 ServerPak order Trivia:

Pre-Installation tasks:

These are tasks that I know to do based on previous MVS and OS/390 installations:

HLQs defined to the security system:
  • OS390R8M - SSA
  • OS390R8U - SSA
  • SMPER8 - SMP for R8
DASD packs Initialized:
  • OSV28A - 3390-3 Catalog, IVP, etc
  • OSV28B - 3390-3 SYSRES-1
  • OSV28C - 3390-3 SYSRES-2
  • OSV28D - 3390-3 HFS <- Needs SMS attribute
  • OSV28E - 3390-3 DLIB 1
  • OSV28F - 3390-3 DLIB 2
These packs are NOT subject to archiving or incremental backups. We do weekly backups for Disaster Recovery. I do my own personal full volume backups at sync points when needed.
going to pack OSV28D
Analyzed my old OS/390 R6 SYSRES packs:

This is done so I place the R8 datasets on the right packs. For ease of install and backout, the master catalog will be okay with my either R6 or R8 SYSRES packs.

  • SYSRES-1 gets the traditional SYSRES files
  • SYSRES-2 gets new files and stuff I don't license
  • OSV26B - 3390-3 - SYSRES-1 - 89% used, HLQs:
    API       APK       CBC       CEE       CPAC
    EDF       EOY       EQAW      GIM       ICQ
    IGY       ISF       ISP       PPFA      PSF
    • SYS1 includes "legacy" like IPCS, RMF, VTAM, etc and JES2
    • TCPIP datasets were the non-SMP datasets: ETC./, translate tables, etc.

  • OSV26C - 3390-3 - SYSRES-2 - 48% used - HLQs:
    ANF       AOP       ASMA      ASMT      ASU
    BFS       CSF       ECN       EHW       EPH
    EUV       EWX       EZM       FFST      GDDM
    GLD       ICA       IMW       IOA       IOE
    JAVA      NETVIEW   PLI       PPMP      REXX
    • SYS1 includes products we don't have like HRF* (RACF) ICE* (DFSORT), NFS*, SBDT*, SIES*, SIOA*, SIAT* (JES3), SORT* (DFSORT - not catalogued here in production)
Some shops have their OS/390 install datasets prefixed by "SYS1". I use to do this in the past but with OS/390, I went to using the IBM HLQs. The primary benefit is that all of the IBM manuals match our dataset names.

ServerPak Installation Dialog notes:

... This project is on hold. The company that is buying us is installing OS/390 R8 and I plan to use their SYSRESs ...


Our merger is complete and we put this LPAR on the R8 SYSRES set from the new company. With a little manipulation, we were able to use their SYSRES volumes: All in all, R6 to R8 was pretty painless.


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