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z/OS Time Line

"The z900 knows what you need before you do,"
said Dan Colby general manager, Enterprise Servers, IBM.
- Quoted from IBM Reinvents Mainframe and Marketplace
This was inspired by the funnier Microsoft: The next 25 years

z/OS Movie Titles

  • Anna and the z/OS
  • Bang the z/OS Slowly
  • Battleship z/OS
  • Blazin' z/OS
  • Bride of the z/OS
  • Citzen z/OS
  • Curse of the z/OS
  • Daddy's Dyin', Who's Got the z/OS?
  • Don't Drink the z/OS
  • Don't Tell Mom the z/OS is Dead
  • For love of The z/OS
  • Fast Times at z/OS
    "Those other OSes have been stoned since the 3rd grade!"
  • Forest z/OS
  • I Never Sang for My z/OS
  • Meet The z/OS
  • Monty Python and the Holy z/OS
  • O z/OS, Where Art Thou?
  • Revenge of the z/OS
  • Smokey and the z/OS
  • Son of the z/OS
  • Stop or My z/OS Will Shoot
  • The Best Little z/OS in Texas
  • The Discreet Charm of the z/OS
  • The French Lieutenant's z/OS
  • The Good, The Bad and the z/OS
  • The Man Who Would Be z/OS
  • The Man in the z/OS
  • The Sorrow and the z/OS
  • The Sweet Smell of z/OS
  • The Talented Mr. z/OS
  • The z/OS Goes Bananas
  • The z/OS Goes to Camp
  • The z/OS Goes to Japan
  • The z/OS II
  • The z/OS Returns
  • The z/OS Takes Manhattan
  • The z/OS who Loved Me
  • The z/OS who Shagged Me
  • The z/OS and the Great Space Caper
  • The z/OS on Vacation
  • Towering z/OS
  • What's Up, z/OS?
  • Whatever Happened to z/OS?
  • When We Were z/OSs
  • Who Framed The z/OS?
  • z/OS and the Planet of Doom
  • z/OS in Love
  • z/OS's Choice
  • z/OS, Interrupted
  • z/OS: Male Gigolo
  • z/OS Strikes Back!
Don't bother sending me any other titles, these are more than the world needed already. Thanks anyway...

I venture that you know that the words IBM, OS/390, TSO, z/OS, and z900 are owned by the IBM Corporation.

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