Burned out Systems Programmer?

Burned out Systems Programmer? This guy is probably a
burned out Systems Programmer!

Copyright owner of photo unknown.

This picture has been floating through the Internet for some time. When I got this one, it was the third time I got it.

I hope the following post to IBM-MAIN was really meant as humor!

Date:         Wed, 10 Feb 1999 20:32:54 +1100
Reply-To:     smednick@css.au.com
Sender:       IBM Mainframe Discussion List 
From:         Stephen Mednick 


Welcome to the list.

Give it a couple of years and you'll soon lose your enthusiasm and end up
like a lot of us on this list, a bunch of twisted, cynical, warped

Until then, enjoy the list and hopefully it will fulfill your expectations.

Stephen Mednick
Computer Supervisory Services
Sydney, Australia

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> Behalf Of Gopalakrishna, Ummadisetti (CTS)
> Sent: Wednesday, 10 February 1999 20:25
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> Importance: High
> Hi
>   All
>       I joined this list today only. I would like to enhance my
> knowledge in
> MVS operating system. It is quite exciting for me .....
> gopal
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