Freeware: Rexx - XMITINFO

XMITINFO is a REXX exec that displays information about a TSO XMIT file.

This REXX exec is useful for people who have downloaded a TSO XMIT file on a PC and want to know some of the attributes of the file.

In the future, I plan to add code to XMITINFO that will display member information for XMIT files that contain partitioned data sets.
Download information
File Format: Text file
Size: 30,142 bytes
Last Updated: 2000-07-06
Version: 1.1
Type: REXX exec
Requirements: REXX anywhere!
Sample output:

XMITINFO - version 1.0 - Freeware - TSO XMIT file utility
Copyright 1998 by David Alcock. All rights reserved.

. Executing in Environment: Windows95 - CMD

Processing XMIT file: C:\TEMP\DA$PDSR.XMI

Sent from node=IBMNODE  userid=IBMUSER
       to node=IBMMAIL  userid=IBMUSER
       on 1998-03-30 at 19:03:28

      Approximate Size in bytes: 1234506

Known bugs

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