Freeware: Rexx - VSMAP

VSMAP is a REXX exec that displays the OS/390 (MVS) Virtual Storage Map. It obtains the areas in an in-line subroutine called get_vsmap which can be "borrowed" very easily.

VSMAP also includes my updated get_smfid subroutine which is updated to work in batch REXX.

I know what you're thinking: Omegamon, SHOWMVS, RMF, etc. also display the Virtual Storage Map, why Yet Another VSMAP. I wrote this for the get_vsmap subroutine that I plan to use in other REXX execs.

If you want more information on the MVS memory model, see VSM technical concepts on IBM's OS/390 web site.
Download information
File Name: VSMAP.TXT
File Format: Text file
Size: 7,904
Last Updated: 2000-01-08
Version: 1.0
Type: REXX exec
Requirements: MVS/XA and higher

Sample output:

Virtual Storage Map - SMFID=P390

Start    End      Name            Length
-------- -------- --------------- ---------
05E00000 7FFFFFFF Ext-Private      2000896K
04BFC000 05DFFFFF Ext-CSA            18448K
04BFB000 04BFBFFF Ext-MLPA               4K
04BF8000 04BFAFFF Ext-FLPA              12K
0233E000 04BF7FFF Ext-PLPA           41704K
01881000 0233DFFF Ext-SQA            10996K
01633000 01880FFF Ext-R/W_Nucleus     2360K
01000000 01632FFF Ext-R/O_Nucleus     6348K
--------- 16 Meg line -----------
00FD9000 00FFFFFF R/O-Nucleus          156K
00FCA000 00FD8627 R/W-Nucleus           57K
00DFD000 00FC9FFF SQA                 1844K
00C3D000 00DFCFFF PLPA                1792K
00900000 00C3CFFF CSA                 3316K
00005000 008FFFFF Private             9196K
00005000 00017FFF Private_(V=R)         76K
00001000 00004FFF System_Area           16K
00000000 00000FFF PSA                    4K

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