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Translate REXX execs are REXX execs that translate binary and character strings and show them in both ASCII and EBCDIC. They are not terribly useful. I wrote the first one, BIT2CHAR, because the Rock Painter had a binary string on his home page and I wanted to figure it out using the computer.

The ASCII and EBCDIC translate tables used in Char2bit, Bit2Char, IMGINFO and possibly other REXX execs on this web page were based on information obtained from Andr'e PIRARD's Guidelines to use 8-bit character codes.
Download information
File Format: Text files
Size: 5,310/5,441
Last Updated: 03-JAN-1998
Version: 1.0
Type: REXX exec
Requirements: REXX (anywhere)
The two translate execs:
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