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ISPF34L is a REXX exec that processes ISPF 3.4 list files to create utility control cards and other functions on the datasets for a high level. It has been tested on lists from ISPF function 3.4 (DSLIST) on ISPF version 3.5 and ISPF on OS/390 1.2.

It is a Quick and Dirty exec that I wrote to quickly generate control cards for various dataset functions as I need them.

If you create a control card function that I don't have, send it to me so I can make it available to others.
Download information
File Name: ISPF34L.TXT
File Format: Text file
Size: 55,312 bytes
Last Updated: 2001-09-23
Version: 1.9
Type: REXX exec
Requirements: MVS
To generate a list, go to ISPF option 3.4 and type in a high level and put "P" on the command line to "PRINT" a list. To access this printed list, use the IBM command called LIST on the command line. You will have an option to put the current contents of the list file to a permanent dataset. This will create a dataset of the type SPF0.LIST through SPF9.LIST. To use this list dataset with this utility, invoke on the ISPF command line with:
Sample menu screen:

Select one of the following:               SMF ID: XYZ

I1 - IDCAMS alias             M1 - Show PDS directory info
I2 - IDCAMS catalogs_SYSRES   M2 - Invoke DSAT Command
I3 - IDCAMS catalogs          M3 - Write out volser
I4 - IDCAMS renames           M4 - //DDnames cards
I5 - IDCAMS deletes           M5 - RESTORE JCL cards
I6 - IDCAMS LISTCAT           M6 - IEBCOPY replaces
I7 - IDCAMS VTS inserts       M7 - XMIT job
                              M8 - PROG (APF)
D1 - DMS Archive              M9 - HLQ analysis
                              M10 - FTPGET MS/DOS bat file
F1 - FDR Renames
F2 - FDR moves               PM1 - IEHPROGM renames
F3 - FDR Copies              PM2 - IEHPROGM deletes

FA1- FileAid Search

Known bugs

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