Freeware: Rexx - IMGINFO

IMGINFO is a REXX exec that displays graphic file information for GIF and JPEG files in a HTML source format.

This REXX exec is useful for people who code HTML (web pages) on a mainframe. It eliminates the need to transfer a GIF or JPEG file to a workstation just to use something like Paint Shop Pro to get the file width and height. You want to code a graphic files width and height in your HTML code so the web page gets sized right before the graphic file is downloaded.

This REXX exec has been tested on MVS, OS/2, VM and Windows 95/NT (with Object REXX).
Download information
File Format: Text file
Size: 24,133 bytes
Last Updated: 2000-07-06
Version: 1.5
Type: REXX exec
Requirements: REXX anywhere!
IMGINFO reads a .GIF or .JPG file and creates a HTML line like:

<img width=102 height=36 src="sample.gif" alt="sample">

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You might be interested in Rex Swain's GIFPARSE Utility which is also written in Rexx
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