Freeware: Rexx - BucketPP

BucketPP is a REXX exec that reads a bucket from IBMLink and extracts the PTFs for the given FMIDs.

To use this exec:
  • Download a bucket from IBM link.
  • Execute this exec against it
  • Take the list of PTFs found for use in ordering (if needed) LIST Target zone and APPLYs.
Hint: This exec can process many concatenated buckets in one execution.

Download information
File Name: bucketpp.txt
File Format: Text file
Size: 11,225
Last Updated: 2000-06-03
Version: 1.1
Type: REXX exec
Requirements: PC, MVS for execution

Here is some sample output from executing this exec using Regina Rexx on Windows 95:
BUCKETPP - version 1.1 - Freeware - Processes IBMLINK buckets

. Executing in Environment: WIN32 - SYSTEM

Will process FMIDs:  (HDZ11D0) (JDZ11DB) (HBB6606) (EER3500)
Processing bucket:  3494B18/S390
> Found 3 PTFs
Processing bucket:  3494MVS/ESA1
> Found 22 PTFs
Processing bucket:  3494MVS/ESA2
> Found 109 PTFs
Processing bucket:  3490MVS/ESA1
> Found 1 PTFs
Processing bucket:  3490MVS/ESA2
> Found 74 PTFs
Processing bucket:  3590MVS/ESA
> Found 98 PTFs
Processing bucket:  3590MVS/ESA2
> Found 38 PTFs

Total PTFs found: 345

That's all folks...

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