IPv6 on MVS

(IPng: the Next Generation Internet Protocol)

Quoting http://playground.sun.com/pub/ipng/html/INET-IPng-Paper.html#CH1:
IPng is a new version of IP which is designed to be an evolutionary step from IPv4. It is a natural increment to IPv4. It can be installed as a normal software upgrade in internet devices and is interoperable with the current IPv4. Its deployment strategy was designed to not have any "flag" days. IPng is designed to run well on high performance networks (e.g., ATM) and at the same time is still efficient for low bandwidth networks (e.g., wireless). In addition, it provides a platform for new internet functionality that will be required in the near future.
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IPv6 on OS/390 miniFAQ

Since I have an interest in the replacement for the current TCP/IP IPv4 implementation, I've started a mini-FAQ on IPv6 for OS/390
Is the 3172-003 compatible with the prototype IPv6 stack for MVS? Is there a version of the ICP that is required?

Here's a response from ipv6@us.ibm.com:
Hi Dave,

In general, all 3172 devices are compatible with the IPv6 demonstration code. There are a couple of issues that you may need to be aware of, however. Some devices are not multicast capable. In this case, you would need to follow the documentation in order to have our stack broadcast the multicast packets instead. Another potential issue is with the Query IP Assist command that I believe is supported by the 3172-003. This command questions the device as to its ability to send and receive multicast data. This request is not understood by older devices, and in this case, we assume a negative response. If you desire to have the multicast capability, you should check with the 3172 folks, I believe there are some requirements on upgrading certain 3172's to have this, but I am unsure of the specifics. I believe that you should have no problems in using our stack with this device, particularly if you do not mind broadcasted packets. Are you experiencing problems in using your 3172-003? Or is this a pro-active probe?

I wish you much luck,

Adolfo Rodriguez
Communications Server for OS/390
Email was dated: Thu, 27 May 1999 11:14:21 -0400

Is the Cisco 7000 router compatible with the prototype IPv6 stack for MVS?

My router guy says that a software upgrade is needed to our current level to run IPv6. I will update with a user experience after we a test. -[Dave 29 May 1999]

Okay, so you have OS/390 running a IPv6 stack, what are you going to talk to?

Since our intranet is 99.99999999% IPv4, I plan to try the Linux IPv6 test stack. If the Cisco Router isn't ready, I'll try a small LAN segment that is IPv6 only with just the 3172 and the Linux box. -[Dave 29 May 1999]


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