The Last Bug

(Nine edge first)

But you're out of your mind
They said with a shrug
The customer is happy
What's one little bug?
     But he was determined
     The others went home
     He spread out the program
     Deserted, alone
          The cleaning men came
          The whole room was cluttered
          With memory dumps
          I'm close, he muttered.
               The mumbling got louder
               Simple deduction
               I've got it, it's right
               Just change one instruction.
         It still wasn't perfect
         As year followed year
         And strangers would comment
         Is that guy still here?
     He died at the console
     Of hunger and thirst
     Next day he was buried
     Face down, nine edge first.
And the last bug in sight
An ant passing by
Saluted his tombstone
And whispered - Nice try!

As posted by John Ford on IBM-Main on 2000-09-25.