Freeware: ISPF app - Z (LOGOFF)

Z is an ISPF application that helps you logoff quickly while in ISPF. It combines many "=x" ISPF primary commands with the TSO LOGOFF command.

On each split screen type in TSO Z. When you do this on the last split screen you will also logoff TSO, fast! This is very good when you are nested deep in many ISPF applications.

Hint: if you have a PFKEY defined in ISPF for "TSO", just type in Z and hit your TSO PFKEY.
Download information
File Name: z.txt (Rexx Exec)
or z1.txt (Rexx Exec)
zpanel.txt (ISPF panel)
File Format: Text files
Size: 970 bytes
423 bytes
Last Updated: 2000-01-08
Version: 1.0
Type: ISPF application
Requirements: TSO and ISPF

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