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TINA, which stands for TINA Is Not Assembler, is a collection of tools to help the HLASM programmer.

Here are some other resources for the HLASM programmer:
  • Cole Software's Misellaneous Utilities page has some free tools that might help you: asm2zap and cccprint.

    BTW: I call z/XDC® the Cadillac of Mainframe Assembler debuggers

  • Gilbert Saint-flour has written a program called TRIMMAC which can be used to speed up your assemblies which use macros. It trims out the comments as it copies the macro to another library. See the benchmark results of a large assembly. TRIMMAC is available in file 183 at the CBT Tape web site and from Gibert's web site.

  • My Unofficial HLASM web page. The link to IBM's official web site is here as well.
Download information
File Name:
File Format: ZIP (contains a TSO XMIT file)
Size: 30,409
Last Updated: 2003-12-10
Version: 2.0
Type: Assembler
  • OS/390 1.1 and higher
TINA consists of these components:
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