Freeware: ISPF Application - TCP/IP Monitor

TCP/IP Monitor is an ISPF application that makes it easy to monitor your TCP/IP network using the IBM provided monitor commands. These commands are used to obtain information about your TCP/IP network. As seen in the screen shot of the main panel, TCPIPM provides easy access to the various NETSTAT monitoring commands as well as the useful NSLOOKUP, PING and RPCINFO network debugging commands.

If you are on a smaller screen than a model 4, you will need to scroll up and down to see all of the menu options.
Download information
File Name: TCPIPM23.ZIP
File Format: PKZIP file containing a TSO XMIT file
Size: 33k
Last Updated: 2001-05-10
Version: 2.3
Type: ISPF application
Requirements: OS/390 R7 or higher
Operating System verification

As far as I know, this dialog works on all systems from OS/390 R7 to z/OS 1.4.
  • z/OS 1.5 - Not tested
  • z/OS 1.6 - Not tested
  • z/OS 1.7 - Not tested
  • z/OS 1.8 - Not tested
If you have used this application on one of the operating systems to the left that say "Not Tested" Let me know so I can update this.

It is doubtful that this application would function 100% correctly on systems prior to OS/390 R6 but some functions may work. I have removed older code that tried to determine the TCP/IP level. IBM has made the coder's (or should I say: the screen scraper's) job harder by changing the product name and version formats.


I wrote the first version of this ISPF dialog the morning I put TCP/IP version 3 into production. I was sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. I was staring at the manual thinking, I'll never memorize all of these NETSTAT options when I got the idea to create a quick-n-dirty application to make it easy to use NETSTAT. And the rest, as they say, is history...

In case you're wondering. A lot of the extra code is there to support multiple TCP/IP stacks (which we had). If you only have one stack on your system(s), you may be wondering about some of the code in TCPIPM.

IBM did a great job of stablizing TCP/IP on OS/390 in R5 and making it a real MVS application. The first three versions of TCP/IP on MVS showed much of TCP/IP's VM roots (where it was ported from).
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