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SUV is an ISPF application that submits agents to your OS/390 and z/OS LPARS which sends back basic information from each system to the local system.

No special authorization is needed by the basic agent. They are regular batch jobs which exec a Rexx Exec to get system information which is then FTP'd back to the local host.

For systems programmers: there is the ability to issue the same command on each system and get the response back (if that command supports it). This agent needs the ability to use the TSO CONSOLE command. This is useful when you have systems that are not in the same sysplex. You would use the "B" option in the systems list to browse the data for the lines which have "C" in the first column.

This is a very very low tech application!

Word to the wise: In a SYSPLEX, you can get the most of this information using the MVS route all command for "D IPLINFO". You would only consider installing this exec when you want more info than "D IPLINFO" provides or if you have systems that are not in the same sysplex.

You will just need to tweak the $DATA member to tell this dialog of the mainframes you want to monitor.
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File Name:
File Format: PKZIP file containing a TSO XMIT file
Size: 18,093
Last Updated: 2004-03-29
Version: 1.3
Type: ISPF application
Requirements: Each Mainframe needs a TCP/IP stack running the FTP server.

Sample result table display:

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