Freeware: SMP/E Post Processor

SMPEPP works as both a standalone Rexx Exec and an ISPF edit macro that reads through an SMP/E APPLY CHECK job output and presents an ISPF table with the PTFs that will be bypassed due to DOC, HOLD, ACTION, etc. The current version of SMPEPP only processes the DD=SMPOUT dataset. It looks at a few GIM (SMP/E) messages to speed up your research into what is needed to apply maintenance to your system.

The job output could be in:
  • a dataset
  • SDSF and accessed via the "SE" line command.
SMPEPP is a BIKINI exec.
Download information
File Format: PKZIP file containing a TSO XMIT file
Size: 13,722
Last Updated: 03-MAR-1998
Version: 1.2
Type: ISPF edit macro and Rexx Exec
  • ISPF v3 or higher
  • SMP/E
Remember the last time you applied some maintenance? You did an APPLY CHECK and got tons of PTFs that had HOLD data that you had to research before you could run without the CHECK. If you are like me, you'd go to split-screen and manually type in each member of the SMPPTS and then do a "FIND HOLD" to get to the hold data.

Let's automate this! Use SMPEPP as either an edit macro (like from SDSF output dataset itself via the "SE" command) or as a Rexx exec to process SDSF output in a dataset. Simply turn SMPEPP loose on your SMP/E output, and it will generate an ISPF table that makes it very easy to browse just the hold data or the whole PTF source.

There is also a batch mode that will put the hold data for each PTF into the SYSOUT for easy reading from a printout.

SMPEPP is a quick install consisting of 2 Rexx execs and 5 ISPF panels. There are 3 or 4 installation fields to modify in the SMPEPP Rexx exec and you are ready to automate your next SMP/E APPLY CHECK.

SMP/E shouldn't be this much fun!

The previous version of SMPEPP is V1.1 from 20-MAY-1997 and is contained in file
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