Freeware: Misc - ISPF version 4 migration

We are currently migrating from ISPF version 3.5 to version 4. Here are a couple of things I did to aid in the migration.

Look and feel

Bruce Gillispie, better known as the Rock Painter, gave me a Rexx exec that performs a few things in ISPF version 4 that makes it look and feel more like the old trusty ISPF we grew up with. I've made a mod or two to it and it's available as NEWISPF.TXT.

Profile dataset

At our shop we had a unique situation: the profile dataset was also the CLIST dataset. This cuts down on the number of datasets on TSO packs but it puts a lot of garbage members in the user's CLIST library. Since I wanted the capability to go back and forth between ISPF version 3 and version 4, I decided to create an Exec that would copy the profile members forward into a new ISPF profile library. Here is the driving exec and the utility exec: After we have been in production for a few weeks, I plan to create a modified version of COPYPROF called DELPROF to clean up the old profile members in the CLIST library.
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