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ISGECMOM is an enhancement to IBM's sample program ISGECMON. It acts as ISGECMON's MOM (hence it's name) and runs its life.

ISGECMOM is a new CSECT that you add to your ISGECMON load module. You make a few changes to ISGECMON to call ISGECMOM at certian function points.

This package contains directions to modify your copy of IBM's ISGECMON, a program that comes with MVS v4.3 and higher, that informs TSO users about enqueue problems in real time. ISGECMON is no where as nice as the MIM product from Legent (oops CA).
Download information
File Format: PKZIP file containing a TSO XMIT file
Size: 9,407
Last Updated: 05-NOV-1997
Version: 1.0
Type: Assembler
Requirements: Assembler H or higher

IBM's version of ISGECMON isn't too fancy so this enhancer was written (which only adds modest functions). Some of the things it adds: Other functions could be added to this never ending task. Remember that modify and stop commands will not be immediate since ISGECMON has an user specified interval where "he" is asleep.

File contents:

 $$README ... This member
 $ASM     ... Sample JCL to assemble ISGECMON and ISGECMOM
 $CHANGES ... Changes needed to ISGECMON
 ISGECMOM ... Program called by the modifed verision of ISGECMON

Installation directions:

1) Copy 'SYS1.SAMPLIB(ISGECMON)' into this library as member ISGECMON.

2) Make the changes to ISGECMON as shown in the $CHANGES member. I don't distribute a modified ISGECMON since it is IBM software.

3) Assemble and link ISGECMON and ISGECMOM into a LNKLST dataset using the $ASMLINK member.

4) Create the started task JCL proc as described in the comments in IBM's ISGECMON. I would suggest adding ",TIME=1440" to the EXEC card.

5) Start the ISGECMON started task and issue commands to it as needed.
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