Freeware: ISPF Application - Animated Diver

Animated Diver is a very useless ISPF application that shows an animation of a stick figure known as "Mr. ASCII" diving into a pool. I guess when he is on MVS, he is "Mr. EBCDIC".

I did NOT create the artwork, so I can't claim credit for it.

Show this to people who think the mainframe can't do anything fun!!!

Note: You could use this as a benchmark application. On slower LPARs like your systems programming test LPAR, compare it's speed with your production one(s).
Download information
File Name: DIVER.ZIP
File Format: PKZIP file containing a TSO XMIT file
Size: 3,301
Last Updated: 20-MAY-1997
Version: 1.0
Type: ISPF application
Requirements: ISPF v3 or higher

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