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MPF Exits to automate and enhance your OS/390 (MVS) system. These are the MPF exits that I use at my shop:
  • DAMPF01.TXT - Append the current date to the message passed
  • DAMPF02.TXT - Answer WTOR with "W"
  • DAMPF03.TXT - Makes message IEF450I IEF451I IEF452I and IEF453I desc=2 for production jobs. this prevents 'job abend' and 'jcl error' messages from rolling off the console for production jobs.
  • DAMPF04.TXT - Reply "M" to IEC709I
Download information
File Name: DAMPF.ZIP
File Format: PKZIP file containing all MPF exits in text format
Size: 20k
Last Updated: 2001-09-09
Version: 1.1
Type: Assembler
Requirements: HLASM

You will need to verify the code in these MPF exits before installing them on your system.

3 of the MPF exits use Enter and Exit housekeeping macros: DA#ENTER and DA#LEAVE. Either obtain them from: or replace with your favorite macro that does this or with straight assembler. DAMPF08 is a newer MPF exit that uses ESA housekeeping entry and exit assembler code (no macro) that you could insert into the ones that use the macro.

Other MPF exits and code

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