Freeware: ISPF app - Clipboard/PasteIt!

ClipBoard/PasteIt! is an ISPF application that enhances the IBM-supplied ISRCUT and ISRPASTE edit macros.

This application has two Rexx Execs:
  • PASTEIT - displays a completely blank input screen that allows pasting of text wider and higher than the ISPF editor input area.

    With the PASTEIT exec, you will never get a screen overflow error when using paste into the ISPF editor again.

    Once you've pasted your data on the blank input screen, you can then use the IBM-supplied PASTE edit macro (ISRPASTE) to paste these lines into your edit dataset.

  • CLIPBRD - Shows either a Browse, Edit or View of the lines in the "Clip Board". These are the lines that have been cut via the IBM-supplied ISRCUT edit macro.

Download information
File Format: PKZIP file containing a TSO XMIT file
Size: 8,460
Last Updated: 15-JUN-1998
Version: 1.1
Type: ISPF application
  • IBM ISRCUT and ISRPASTE edit macros copied from ISPF sample library
  • ISPF v3 or higher

Application notes:


I heard at the last SHARE that IBM will be adding a really cool Clip Board function to a future ISPF. I don't know if they will have a Paste Area function but their Clip Board sounds like it will blow ISRCUT and ISRPASTE away!

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