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*** Archive 2001 ***

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As a reminder, Planet MVS is "Flower Box"-ware. I'm not receving any flower boxes so I must assume that nobody likes my site and therefore I shouldn't spend my pizza money to have it hosted on the Internet. Okay, I'll stop my griping

  • Updated utilities, including a new utility called DA$IDC - IDCAMS enhancer.
  • Updated ISPF34L which is an exec that reads lists of datasets (usually ISPF 3.4) and creates jobstreams and other things.







  • Added to the Mainframe Freeware page:
    • Andy Robertson's MVS Pages has [ XMITMAIL | XMITCICS | INSTASM ].
    • Nigel Thomas' S/390 Corner has [CICS Signon program | IEFUSI | RACFXREF] and WnBrowse (a multifunction ASCII, EBCDIC and Hex file viewer) for Windows.
  • Added a section on my OS/390 R8 User Experience page to indicate that we are now in Production!
  • Changed link to new URL for the XMIT Manager on the Un-Xmit page.
  • Added Jobs to create a one pack OS/390 system on my Misc Freeware page.
  • Changed the SPF editor page to reflect that SPF/UX runs on Linux. I plan to order the demo.

    Mike Chard of Uneclipse Software Systems sent me this email:

    I was on your site this morning and I noticed that you state that SPF/UX does not run on Linux. I am pleased to say that this is no longer true and that we have released version 1 of SPF/Linux for an introductionary price of $69.95 per user. I would appreciate it if you would amend your website to reflect this information. Please visit the site and check out the demo at www.uneclipse.com.
Also, If you have any old IEFACTRT routines that use SMF4/5 records, please send them to jay_moseley@attglobal.net See his IEFACTRT page. This is for the guys running MVT on the S/370 S/390 Hercules emulator.


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