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2000-12-18 In keeping with the ups and downs of the dot-com Internet economy, PlanetMVS.com is sorry to inform you that we had to lay off half the staff. To facilitate the layoff, PlanetMVS.com will have to take a charge against fourth quarter earnings. After hearing about the layoffs, stock analysts upgraded PlanetMVS.com to "buy". These layoffs have resulted in low morale here at PlanetMVS.com and hence the lack of web page updates.
  • Created new Fiche picture page with a Fiche Tank. You have to see it, hard to describe...
  • Checked all of the links on my Mainframe and Freeware pages. Dead links were discarded and changed URLs were updated. Bascially every link *should* work.
  • Changed text on the MVS Mail page in regard to Lionel Dyck's XMITB64 program. He now has this useful utility in a separate file to make it eaiser to use outside of the XMITIP application.
  • Changed link to WRQ's Reflection product on the TN3270 page.

  • Updated the Mainframe jokes page with a couple of adapted jokes.
  • Updated the MVS Mail page:
    • Added a FAQ
    • Added information about the ported XMITB64 program.
  • Renamed the DA$xxxxx pages to DAxxxxx. Apparently my ISP's web server software now doesn't serve pages with dollar signs in the file name.

  • Created new page: IBM Mainframe Name Game
  • Added Rexx compiler on OS/390 to the Rexx Anywhere! page.
  • A new freeware program, ASMHFSLE is now available. This is a library exit for the HLASM that allows copy members and macros to be read from a HFS library.
  • My DA.SOURCE freeware package was upgraded:
    • Added: DA$W4TCP - Wait for TCPIP stack to initialize
    • Added: DA$WDATE - WHATDATE ISPF application
    • Updated: DA$DISKR - See comments
    • Updated: DA$ADATA - Add support for HLASM R3
    • Module eyecatchers were changed to be consistent - small mind at work!
  • Other new freeware:
    • LANPRT - An ISPF edit macro that makes it easy to send print (landscape only) to a HP printer (with IP JetDirect card) or printer servered by a LPR server (usually only UNIX systems). LANPRT currently only does PCL formatting.
    • SendCC - A batch program that sends Condition Codes to the TSO user, file or via email.
  • SimoX390 was added to the S/390 Assembler FAQ as a PC-based mainframe assembler tool. Also the link to Tachyson Software was also changed on the FAQ.

  • Added links on my Freeware links page for:
    • Java for OS/390 Tips and FAQs - Excellent site with examples of just about everything you want JAVA to do on OS/390.
    • SYSPROG.net - A site for MVS and Linux application and systems programmers who manage, support and program IBM S/390 mainframes
  • Thanks to Gilbert Saint-Flour, I uploaded the missing ISPF history text file and added links to these MVS editors:
  • Thanks to Jack Schudel, the UnXMIT page had a bad link which is now fixed for XMITINFO
  • My Links directory has been rearranged for all but the IBM links. If you bookmarked them (or subscribed) to one of them, please note the new URLs. For example: /links/freeware/index.html is now /links/freeware.html.

  • Added link on my Mainframe Freeware links page for:
    Jim Connelley's Programmer's Toolkit has Rexx and S/390 assembler code.
  • Added link on my UnXMIT page for:
    XMIT Manager a Free Windows based utility which decodes IBM Mainframe based Xmit files and allows for viewing or extraction of the content data.
    Dave says: CHECK IT OUT!

BTW: We are moving our data center 1200 miles east and I've been really busy lately.

  • Added support for Regina Rexx to XMITINFO (Rexx exec that displays information about TSO XMIT files)
  • Put the most current version of IMGINFO (Rexx exec that displays GIF/JPG/PNG information) on the Planet MVS site. The version previously there was not the most current.
  • Link changed to new home of Hercules - a free, open-source implementation of ESA/390 which runs


2000-05-28 Moved remaining web pages from old site Dave's MVS Pages web site (users.ticnet.com/davea/mvs) to PlanetMVS.com.

2000-05-20 Moved first batch of web pages ("overhead" pages) from Dave's MVS Pages web site (users.ticnet.com/davea/mvs) to PlanetMVS.com. Most of my MVS technical pages are not available yet.

Links below here may have links to the old web site structure and will fail...

2000-03-28 The "Flower box"-ware page was updated to add some more samples and the IBM IEFACTRT routine section was created. I now show my PROGxx parmlib member that drives multiple IEFACTRT routines.

  • Dave's MVS Page web site is now "Flower box"-ware
  • Created a Schadenfreude (User Experiences) page for my current projects: ACF2 6.3, GMT and OS/390 R8.
  • unofficial IBM-Main FAQ entry: Added: Is it okay to post vendor advertising on IBM-Main?
  • Added Linux S/390 links.
  • Added trivia about XEDIT to SPF Editor page. and link to Eastern Orthodox Editors(XEDIT/KEDIT/THE...) - thanks to Johnnie (jhn@finanssystem.dk) for sending the link.
  • A few changes on my MVS Mail page:
    • Recommend not inserting Date: SMTP command in user generated SMTP notes. Let IBM fill in the date and time.
    • Point to Lionel Dyck's OS/390 freeware page for his XMITIP and TSOEMail freeware (URL also added on Mainframe Freeware page).

  • 2000-01-01
  • Howard Sherman sent me a modified version of my VSMAP Rexx exec that added the length of the Virtual Storage areas.
  • Added a new ISPF application called Z which makes it fast to logoff ISPF and TSO.
  • Added How does the ED instruction work? to the S/390 assembler FAQ page.
  • Add two cool Linux S/390 links:
  • Add new cards to Dave's Green Card collection
  • unofficial IBM-Main FAQ entries: You know, people are asking Frequently Asked Questions all the time!

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