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As a reminder, Planet MVS is "Flower Box"-ware.


We made it to another year!

Link: Mainframe Year in review, 2007


Updated the MVSintosh (MVS and Macintosh) page:

On the MVS Tips page, I corrected some font problems and added a tip: Using symbols for the operating system level.


Happy New Year!

  • Added new ISPF editor called Hybrid Editor XE to the SPF Editor page and a few other changes were made to that page.
  • New Years Resolution: Make more updates to Planet MVS!


Happy New Year!


Added a new page with some of my Badges from Share and other conferences.


Updated the TN3270 page to remove propaganda and update links.

Created the Hopelessly Outdated web page to document that some web pages here are very very stale as opposed to just being very stale.


Added the SUV (Systems Under View) ISPF application to the ISPF application Freeware page.

Changed Freeware page to reflect new home of MXI


Created new Macintosh to MVS web page for information on accessing the MVS/OS390/zOS mainframe from the Apple Macintosh


Reworked main web page and site cascading style sheet.


Happy New Year!




Just about the only thing that is new is the lame reworked main web page. This is just to let you know that nothing much else has changed. New Year Same Story. New Year No New Flower Boxes.

Those of you keeping up with the mileage on my Ford Explorer will note that I now have an Ford Expedition. I'm a FORD man. You know Fix Or Repair Daily or Found On the Road Dead.


Inquiring minds: Dave, I see you haven't updated Planet MVS in a while. What's Up?
Dave: I ain't getting any Flower Boxes so why bother...



Dave's Top Ten excuses reasons why Planet MVS hasn't been updated in a few months:
Planet MVS has been hit hard by this recession and had to layoff most of it's workers. The former CEO of Planet MVS got millions of course and told the Planet MVS employees to buy more Planet MVS stock while selling his right before the stock value was about to plunge. You may have seen the ex-CEO of Planet MVS invoking the 5th and are questioning why he is still using the corporate Planet MVS jet. Well he's now a lobbiest for Planet MVS and we are requesting a government bailout. What's good for Planet MVS is good for the country. If you taxpayers don't bail out Planet MVS then the terrorists have already won. Hey Planet MVS even had to resort to a bribe to win at the Olympics because Lionel Dyck's Freeware page are lots better skaters than we are. It really hurt when the crowd booed when Planet MVS won the gold. We got further bad press when John Walker Lindh was arrested wearing a Planet MVS t-shirt. And that's why Planet MVS hasn't been updated since September.

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