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IBM COBOL for OS/390 and VM . COBOL/370

Name That IBM COBOL Product!
SecureWay© Security Server

Includes: RACF©, LDAP, Firewall, and more.
. OS/390 Security Server
Text Search . NetQuestion
WebSphere . ICSS (Internet Connection Secure Server)
. Domino Go Webserver

Includes: elements and features
. OS/390 - A combination of base elements (including the BCP) and optional priced features.

Note: What was formerly thought of as MVS can now be considered the BCP (Base Control Program) element in OS/390

z/OS Communications Server

Includes: Multiprotocol/HPR Services, TCP/IP Services, SNA/APPN Services
Separate products:
. TCP/IP for MVS
. eNetwork Communications Server for OS/390
. SecureWay© Communications Server for OS/390
z/OS Infoprint© Server

Includes: IP PrintWay and NetSpool, z/OS Print Interface and SOMobjects ADE.
. OS/390 Print Server
z/OS Unix Systems Services . OpenMVS
. OpenEdition/MVS
. Unix Systems Services for OS/390
z900 . S/390

I'm not trying to show EVERY name a product has had back to 1849. These are the product names as known to me in recent memory.


Current name Previous names
CA-whatever whatever

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