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Here are some less serious questions:

We know that Vice President Gore created the Internet, but did he write VTAM as well?

No. But he came up with the initial Al-Gore-ithm. ;-)

Currently under OS/390 2.7, the IBCNU utility requires the LE runtime routine CEEULATR. Where can I link this module from?

It can be found in CEE.DIKNJANE.RUN, which apparently does not need to be authorized...

What was the best bad post to IBM-Main in recent memory?

Hands down was this post: Ken Dubbo's What is a good sysprog anyway? (warning: foul language, non-politically correct and downright funny)

FAQ editor speculation
But what post got Ken Dubbo kicked off IBM-Main?

Only Ken and the list owner knows if he got kicked off IBM-Main or is doing jail time but this was the last post we saw from him: F1SA.

Is Ken Dubbo his real name?

I would guess not looking at JoyZine - 'Stine Decoded: Australian English Dictionary - "D" his last name means:
dubbo - idiot; fool; simpleton; imbecile.

Which member of IBM-Main attended Woodstock?

Rick Fochtman (according to this post):

From: Rick Fochtman [SMTP:RickFochtman@COMPUSERVE.COM]
Sent: Tuesday, 1999-02-23, 9:18 PM
Subject:      Re: IEFACTRT

That music ain't forgotten.  I was at the ORIGINAL WOODSTOCK!  It was
GREAT, in spite of the "aroma".  (Pig farm!)  I was in the audience when
David Crosby (I think) stood up and said that this was their first public
gig and they were scared SH__less; then, Crosby, Stills and Nash played
"Suite Judy Blue Eyes" to a standing ovation!  And a good time was had by
ALL!!!!!  But that hitchhike home to northern Michigan was MURDER!


These are slang terms for using your eyeballs to find a problem.

How was T. J. Watson, Sr. buried?

Much like card decks which had to be placed in the reader 9-edge first, face down.

Adapted from a post on Mon, 24 Jan 2000 06:04:26 by Neil Stutz

How many IBM-MAIN Subscribers does it take to change a light bulb?

267 posts - posts discussing the relative merits of the various lightbulb
platforms: American or European voltage, all the open source platforms -
solar, wind, squirrels on a treadmill.

99 posts - how should the light bulb labeled? UPPERCASE or lowercase

23 posts - Will documentation for the lightbulb be available on the web?

57 posts - Should the lightbulb documentation be bookmangler or pdf

65 posts - posts complaining about spam received as a result of joining
the lightbulb thread.

Adapted from a post on Friday, 2002-03-08 by Terry Linsley

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