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This page was created to answer commonly asked questions on the IBM-MAIN mailing-list/newsgroup. It is not sanctioned or endorsed by the IBM-MAIN list owner or list provider.
What is the purpose of the IBM-MAIN mailing-list/newsgroup?

It is used for information sharing by users of IBM Mainframe computers. Although open to all users of IBM mainframes, the majority of posters are MVS (OS/390) systems programmers.

Who is owner of the IBM-MAIN mailing-list/newsgroup?

Darren Evans-Young

If you are having problems with the list, please send private email to him at darren@BAMA.UA.EDU and not to the list.

How do I subscribe to the IBM-MAIN mailing list?

Send an email to with this in the body of the note:
        SUBSCRIBE IBM-MAIN your_name_here
You will receive an email from the mailing list LISTSERV which you must replied to according to the directions in the email. If all goes well, you will get a confirmation email back.

How do I unsubscribe from the IBM-MAIN mailing list?

Send an email to with this in the body of the note:
How do I search the IBM-Main Archives?

  • The easiest way is to use the IBM-Main Archives web page.

  • You can also search via the List Server by sending a note to and put this in the body of the note:

    search 'str1' 'str2' in ibm-main since yyddmm

  • The Deja search engine can also be used. The Power Search option can be used to limit searches to IBM-Main by using the forum name of

How can I get the IBM-MAIN mailing list in one big email a day?

You can change your subscription to DIGEST mode by sending an email to with this in the body of the note:
As an alternative, many people direct their email from a mailing list to a folder to make mailing list emails more manageable.

What other ways can I interact with the listserver other than setting the DIGEST mode?

To see a list of the most commonly used LISTSERV commands, send an email to with this in the body of the note:
What are all of these WINMAIL.DAT application/ms-tnef things I see in the IBM-MAIN mailing-list digest?

A side effect of using Microsoft products - The sender needs to turn off the Microsoft Rich Text format option for his mail sent to this Mailing list. Not everybody uses Microsoft products!

What's up with those acronyms used on IBM-MAIN?

See the IBM-MAIN commonly used acronyms.

What are the other IBM mainframe-related Mailing lists and newsgroups?

Here are a few lists:
You can also search for Newsgroups and mailing lists via:

What other IBM-Main FAQs are available?

Did a squirrel knock IBM-Main down?


Squirrel attack cuts power, cancels classes. January 30, 2002 :: The Crimson White (newspaper)

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