John Ehrman speaking

I used a Power Macintosh 7500-100 (which has video inputs) to digitize 3 screens from the 1992 IBM video: Dr. John Ehrman: Meet the man behind your High Level Assembler. © 1992 IBM Corporation.

I hope IBM doesn't have a problem with this. As Jerry, a guy I used to work with, put it:

It's always easier to apologize after the fact than to get permission in advance!

As individual GIF files, they look okay. Here is the third picture from the animated GIF:

John Ehrman
the father of the HLASM
(one picture)

For some reason the GIF animator software I use (GIF Contruction Set on Windows 95 - unregistered 16-bit version) doesn't produce good output for these pictures. This is the slightly better version of the animated GIF using 8 colors instead of 256 colors.

John Ehrman
the father of the HLASM
(animated GIF)

I'll be updating this shortly after I find a better program or a better option in the one I'm using.

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