3270 demos

You can easily create 3270 demos using two types of programs: a window capture and an animated GIF program. For this discussion, I've used two Windows 95 programs:
Use your favorite programs for your platform and needs.
First off, get into your 3270 GUI program on your platform and get to the point of your first screen. Use your Window Capture to capture the screen and save it as a GIF file. Repeat as needed. I save in sequence: PIC1.GIF, PIC2.GIF, PICx.GIF.

Now we are ready to assemble these various screen shots into a demo. Fire up your Animated GIF program. I'll use the Windows GIF Construction Set shareware program for my example. Below is the screen with the components of a 3270 demo animated GIF:
Sample GIF Construction Set window
When I started out with a New animated GIF, all I had was the header. I then added a comment and a loop statement. Then I inserted all of the images in order with a delay control between them. If you've ever wondered why some anmiated GIFs seem to stop after you've been on the page for a while? It's because the creator of the animated GIF can specify the number of times a GIF loops.

Here is the animated GIF:
Sample HLASM IDF debugging session

Note: Be sure to use the "Comments" option to put your comments about the GIF file (including your name if you feel vain). Comments are usually only seen by those really snooping. For more information do a search on "animated GIF" using your favorite search engine, like Yahoo!.

Other people make funer animated GIFs like our friend T.Rex which was made in the same fashion: T.Rex
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